Younique Body

Younique body products are the newest addition to our line of products. It includes sunless tanning lotion, spray, and bronzer as well as an application body blending bud. 

Younique Body: Beachfront Self-Tanning Body Lotion

The Beachfront Self-Tanning Body Lotion is moisturizing as well as giving you that shimmery, sun kissed glow. This lotion is nourishing and natural. It contains ingredients such as shea butter, brown algae, green tea, and coconut oil. Plus it is vegan friendly!

This self-tanning lotion differs from most self tanners in the sense that it does not contain harsh chemicals or artificial fragrance. It also doesn't leave streaks or turn you an orange color. It is best when used with the self-tanning spray, and the body applicator.  

Younique Body: Beachfront Self-Tanning Spray

The Beachfront Self-Tanning Spray is a mist on, gradual tan. It also contains coconut oil, green tea extract, brown algae, and vitamin E. It is also vegan friendly. It is developed with a light fragrance to reduce the self-tanning chemical smell. It is best used on clean, exfoliated skin using the body applicator. 

Younique Body: Beachfront Bronzer

Our Beachfront bronzer is perfect for that subtle summer shimmer and helps mask uneven skin tones as well as imperfections. It is made with coconut oil, Vitamin E, sugar seaweed, and sodium hyaluronate to protect and nourish skin. The beachfront bronzer is a temporary shimmer and won't last like the beachfront self-tanning lotion will, so allow it to dry completely before putting on clothes.