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Our Younique products are all natural, most are even vegan and gluten free. My favorite things about this amazing skin care and cosmetic line are that they are all plant based and that we do not test on animals. Cruelty-free and natural skin care is very important to me. That is why I became a Younique presenter.

We also have a 14 day money back guarantee on all of our products. Along with that, you can return an item in up to a month for y cash to replace it with a product that is a better fit for you. We also allow you to trade in a color if it is not exactly the color that you needed. We want all of our customers to be happy!!

Younique Products: Face

Let's start with the biggest section of our Younique makeup regimen as a woman every day. Our Touch Mineral Powder and Touch Mineral Foundation offer smooth and complete coverage without drowning out your skin's natural beauty. We have a wide range of color palates that can match any skin tone. The powder and foundation are talc and gluten free.   

BB Flawless Complexion Enhancer. Let's talk BB cream for a moment. What is BB cream? What does it do for your skin? BB cream is basically a complexion enhancing moisturizer. This is a vegan friendly Younique product. It has ingredients such as lavender oil and cocoa, which conditions your skin naturally. It also contains Vitamin E, making it a superior antioxidant. It also contains natural anti-fungal and antibacterial agents to help prolong usage and prevents growth of fungus and bacteria that can harm your skin. 

Younique offers a liquid foundation that is lightweight and easy to apply. It is one of the newest Younique products, and has been a HUGE hit!!! This foundation gives you complete coverage without the heaviness of typical liquid foundations. This foundation is easily applied with our foundation brush. 

Mineral Blushers and Beachfront Bronzer. Who wouldn't want to have a slightly sun-kissed glow to their skin without the harmful rays of the sun? According to the American Melanoma Foundation, approximately 1 million cases of skin cancer are diagnosed each year in the U.S. alone. That number grows with each passing year. Younique's Beachfront Bronzer compliments any skin tone and gives you that touch of sun that you desire. 

Our Mineral Pressed Blush is the perfect compliment to any occasion, day or night. It gives you that adorable pink cheek, or that sexy slimming cheek color. These colors are beautiful, made from only mineral ingredients, and are talc free. This is also a gluten free Younique product.

Most concealers can be a difficult product to apply. We have always had those raccoon eyed days. The mineral concealer by Younique gives you a flawless, natural finish. It can be used in powder form or wet for those more stubborn blemishes. I love this concealer because it is lightweight and lasts all day and is a vegan.

Younique has added a liquid concealer to their product line as well. It is call the Touch Mineral Skin Perfecting Concealer. It covers flaws naturally and doesn't clog your pores further. It is lightweight and easy to apply. Note: If you want to conceal under your eyes, go 2 shades LIGHTER than your foundation. If you want to conceal blemishes, get the same shade as your foundation. 

Younique Products: EYES

Our biggest breakthrough as a company has been our 3D Fiber Lashes+. Every woman wants to have beautiful voluminous lashes that don't flake, are water proof, and are safe for every eye type. Our 3D Fiber Lashes+ are that and so much more. Made from only plant extracts, Younique's mascara is safe for those with allergies (which is my issue) and those who wear contacts. It is also a gluten free Younique product. All natural lashes that give you 400% your natural lashes, and they cost only $29!

3D Fiber Lashes Plus3D Fiber Lashes Plus
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Did you know that eyes are one of the first things that attracts human beings to each other? Our eyes can say so much about us and our emotions. Why not let those eyes shine? Younique's mineral eye pigments do just that. 32 beautiful colors in both matte and shimmer can be worn as loose powder or wet for more of a dramatic pop. All of our mineral eye pigments are gluten free.

The Splurge cream shadow is unlike any cream shadow I have ever tried. It stays in place all day, even through sweat, and it never creases like so many other cream shadows I have tried. This is one of my favorite Younique products.

Every shadow needs the perfect liner to compliment it. We offer 10 liner colors, as well as a liquid eye liner, to accentuate those colors and make your eyes pop.  

Younique's Shadow Palettes are perfect for getting a range of colors that compliment your personal style. There are 3 palettes of pressed shadow colors. The first is warm browns and peachs, the second is beautiful silvers and black, and the third is pinks and purples. Addicted is a good word for how I feel about these palettes. 

How much do you pay attention to your eye brows? I used to be very careless about them, however when Younique rolled out their brow gel and brow liners, I started paying better attention. These Younique products help to sculpt and smooth your brows, enhancing your eyes and complimenting your natural brow line. 

This video is a demo of our shadow palette number 1 and the brow liner/gel in medium:

Younique Products: Lips

Younique offers top of the line lip stains, lip gloss, and lip liners. I have never liked wearing anything on my lips until I started using these beautiful, gluten free Younique products. I have never liked wearing lip gloss because it always felt sticky and heavy. The lucrative lip gloss is none of those things. It is so lightweight and smooth.

Lip stain is the superhero of lip color. Younique's stiff upper lip is the toughest lip stain that I have ever encountered. It lasts all day, through coffee, lunch, name it. 

The Moodstruck precision lip liner is the perfect compliment to both the stiff upper lip and lucrative lip gloss. It is not heavy, or sticky. It is one of my favorite Younique products in our Younique makeup line.

Younique is proud to announce the addition of the Opulence Lipstick colors. 15 beautiful colors that range from nude to bright red. This lipstick lasts all day, has a lovely creamy finish, and is not heavy or drying. This lipstick is made with crushed ruby gemstones to give the beautiful ranges of reds and pinks. It is free of gluten, soy, parabens, latex, fragrance, and sulfate. It is natural, beautiful, and resilient.   

We also have our new Lip Bonbons, which are tinted lip balm that comes in 5 shades ranging from nude to cherry. These nourishing lip balms are made from jojoba oil, sunflower seed, prickly pear, pomegranate, and goji berry fruit extracts. It is dermatologist tested and approved. They are perfect for added moisture and shine day or night! 

Younique Products: Skin Care

Younique's all natural skin care line has changed my skin drastically. I used to have terrible allergies to drug store cleansers and moisturizers. My cheeks would be bright red and inflammed. The pain was terrible, and I had extremely stubborn blemishes. I tried several different methods and FINALLY Younique's products happened to me! My skin is clear of blemishes, my cheeks are inflammation free, and my skin is full of vibrance! 

Our skin care system begins with the perfect cleanser. Our Illuminate Clean and Illuminate Clear are designed with all natural ingredients tailored to different skin types without using toxic chemicals. The Clean is for normal/dry skin with ginkgo biloba, and purifying horse chestnut. It is the perfect for washing away daily impurities. 

The Illuminate Clear is for oily/acne prone skin, however gentle for any skin type. It contains Chrysanthemum, Aloe, and Licorice Root. After using several types of acne controlling products, Younique's Illuminate Clear has changed my perspective of skin care. 

Step 2 in the perfect skin care routine is a safe and natural toner. Toner adds hydration, reduces oil, and prepares your face for make up application. It also helps to reduce any redness and acne. Younique uses a rose water toner, which is all natural and refreshing. It can also be sprayed after makeup application to help set it. This is also a vegan friendly Younique product, however is not gluten free.

Step 3 is Uplift eye serum. This gentle serum uses Vitamin E, CoQ10, and Iris Pallida leaf to immediately reduce puffiness and bags around your eyes. This Younique product will help you to feel uplifted and beautiful in moments. 

The final and most important step in your skin care should be the perfect moisturizer. It sets the stage for how your face acts, meaning the wrong moisturizer can create oiliness or dry out your skin. If your moisturizer contains certain alcohols, such as isopropyl, it can cause dry skin. Some companies use this as a ploy to require more application of moisturizer. The Divine Daily Moisturizer is a gluten free Younique product that contains Blue Lotus, Honeysuckle, and Witch Hazel to give you the perfect amount of moisture that lasts all day. 

Glorious Eye and Face Primer is a Younique product that is so important to apply because it is smooth and silky and prepares your skin for makeup application. With ingredients such as Elastin, Vitamin E, and Hyaluronan it also helps to protect your pores and won't allow makeup to settle in any wrinkles. It is gluten free as well.


We offer a variety of collections that contain various Younique product options. They are tailored to your specific needs, and they help you save money by getting these items all together as opposed to separate. All of our collections come with our Younique make up bag, which is perfect for storage as well as vacation/travel. Our collections allow for customization, meaning you chose your colors!

Our collections change frequently, so please head to my website at to see the newest collections that we have available. 

Below are videos of my Pucker Up and my Radiant Beauty Younique products collections: 

Younique Products all stand by our motto of uplifting, empowering, and validating all women. Every woman is beautiful and amazing, and we all deserve to feel that way. These all natural, cruelty free products protect your skin, as well as make it look amazing all day. As a Younique presenter, it is important that I have passion and love for these products, and it is important that I share how Younique has helped me in so many ways. 

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