Younique Makeup Tips and Tricks

I have some great tips and tricks on how to apply Younique makeup in 5 minutes or less. It takes very little time to go from bare to beautiful when it comes to full face makeup. Younique products make this easy and fun. If you want to get a little more detailed and dressy, I have a 10 minute or less video as well. 

Makeup doesn't have to be complicated. It also doesn't need to look like you have on a Halloween mask either. It can be simple, yet beautiful. Just enough to make you feel empowered every day. I am going to show you how to apply my Younique makeup, as well as how to do things that might seem difficult. I also have great tips on how to keep your makeup looking great all day and how to get the most of your money when you buy products

Here is my 5 minute full face Younique makeup:

This is a little bit longer, more detailed 10 minute full face Younique makeup. I call it my "work face":

Younique Makeup Tutorials: Eyes

They say that eyes are the window to the soul. I believe that they are the best way to communicate non verbally. They allow others to see if we are actively listening or establish confidence by maintaining eye contact with others. Why not let those peepers shine? Younique makeup can be as simple or flashy as you want it to be. We have 36 mineral eye pigment colors that come in matte and shimmer. We also have 4 cream shadows (more to come in the near future) and 10 liner colors. Perfect for any day, and any type of woman.

Want to learn how to create the perfect smokey eye? All it takes is 3 mineral eye pigments, a crease brush, a shadow brush, and a few moments. Video tutorial below:

Along with our beautiful pigments, we offer 3 shadow palettes that accentuate every eye color and style. The first palette is brown/peachy, the second is silver/black, and the third is pink/purple. Watch my demo of palette 1 below:

Younique Makeup Lips: The Perfect Pucker

I always treat my lips with love and care. I apply sunscreen to them, I keep them moisturized, and I use a lip scrub. Why? Because a smile is worth a thousand words. A smile can brighten someone's day. Also, I love to give kisses to my son and my husband. 

Younique makeup has a line of lip colors that will make anyone swoon. Even if you are a simple, and not flashy person. We have colors for everyone. We have lip gloss that is unlike any lip gloss that I have ever tried. I was always the type of person to not like gloss. It was always heavy and sticky. Younique's lucrative lip gloss is not sticky at all. It compliments our stiff upper lip stains beautifully. Watch below to see how gorgeous our lip stain colors are. 

Younique also offers 15 beautiful shades of lipstick. The opulence lipstick is silky, smooth, and long lasting. It is free of any parabens, soy, fragrance, latex, sulfate, and gluten as well as any preservatives. It is made with crushed ruby gemstones to provide beautiful red and pink colors. 

Face: foundation, cheeks, and blemish cover

Ever wonder how celebrities look so amazing even after being up all night? Well, professional make up artists are a few tricks that anyone can do to look amazing, even after being up all night.

Dark circles, OH GOD! The worst right? I have a wonderful way to help those circles disappear. It uses red lip liner to contrast the blue and purple color of the dark circles. Here is a demo:

Foundation can be a tricky thing. Some people feel like cream foundation is perfect, others feel like it is too heavy. It is really a preference thing. Since the dawn of BB cream, heavy foundation has taken a back seat. BB cream is a complexion enhancer. It is designed to hide all of the imperfections, but does not drown out your natural complexion. During the fall and winter, I wear BB cream with my Touch powder. In the summer I typically only wear the Touch powder. Whatever your preference may be, make sure that you match your color to your skin tone well. It doesn't pay to have 2 toned skin.

If the cream foundation is too heavy, the Touch Liquid Foundation is right up your alley! It is extremely lightweight and silky smooth. This product has changed the way I feel about foundation all together. It goes on smoothly with our foundation brush or blending buds, and a little goes a very long way. 

Covering up blemishes can also be tricky. You want it to look like there is no blemish, but not look like you piled on a bunch of makeup in 1 spot. I recently had surgery on my ear, and a few days post op, I have a lovely bruise where my IV catheter was as well as where the towel clamp was on my face. I used Younique products to cover these bruises. I first put on my Glorious face and eye primer, then concealer, then BB cream, and my Touch cream foundation. It covered my bruises beautifully. This trick works great for blemishes as well. 

Primer, Concealer, BB cream, Touch Cream FoundationPrimer, Concealer, BB cream, Touch Cream Foundation

Cheeks can be sweet or sexy. I like both depending on my mood. Blushers have not been left in the 80's. There is a wide variety of colors from deep red to sweet pink. Blush is meant to be applied on the plumps of the cheeks for the rosy glow. Then there is bronzer...not the orange colored/fake tan looking product, but the cheek enhancer.

Matte bronzer is meant to be applied between the cheek bones and the lower jaw. It also should go along the line of the forehead and down the side of the lower jaw.Think of a number 3, and draw it on your face so to speak. The bronzer that is offered through Younique makeup has a matte side and a shimmer side. The matte draws the 3, and the shimmer goes on the cheekbone and that cheeks. What does this do? It creates a sexy, sun kissed, and face thinning appearance. 

I often like to showcase several Younique makeup products. The video below will change periodically, however all of my videos can be viewed on my Youtube channel.

I always get excited when we have new products. This is my demo of Younique's new and exciting products on September 1st!