Why all natural skin care will make you feel beautiful

You might wonder how all natural skin care will make you feel beautiful. The reason is simple... it is derived from plant extracts that are free of harsh chemicals, pesticides, and heavy metals.

The change is almost immediate when you start using natural beauty products. You will notice younger, healthier, and less problematic skin. Switching to skin care products that are derived from plant extracts can help resolve oily and  acne prone skin, help reverse sun damage, and can even improve the elasticity of your skin. 

Lavender bloom. Very fragrant. It is used in soaps, lotions, and even food.Lavender blossom

My journey to natural skin care

My personal journey to natural skin care and makeup started a few years ago when I became overly frustrated with my problematic skin. I would often get red and inflamed cheeks after washing with drug store cleansers. I had acne, oily areas, dry areas, red bumps, among other issues. 

I started to do research on natural, plant based skin care and makeup. It became quite clear to me that I was allergic to chemical based skin care. I tried several natural soap methods such as oil cleansing, and plant extract and essential oil care. I realized that my skin was too sensitive for essential oils directly, however I found a line of plant based products that completely changed my facial health. Younique was created with people like me in mind. All natural, and plant based products that help enhance beauty and the health of your skin. 

Branching out from there, I began to make handcrafted soaps, scrubs, and lotions that changed my overall skin health. I also became a Younique presenter, and began sharing my experience with women all over the world. My goal is to share this information and products to help everyone to feel and look as beautiful as they are. 

Why plant extracts?

You might wonder why plant extracts are the best substance for your skin. The answer is simple...toxins. The top toxins found in chemical based skin care :

  • Butylated hyroxyanisole (BHA) a known carcinogen that is a liver toxin.
  • Artificial color additives which can be toxic to the central nervous system
  • Parabens, a neurotoxic substance that can disrupt the endocrine system as well is a known carcinogen. 
  • Formaldehyde, toxic to the immune and respiratory systems and a known carcinogen.

A lot of common beauty products use these toxic substances. Many can be found in shampoo, false eye lash adhesive, mascara, moisturizers, hair dye, deodorants, eye shadow, and other makeup products. Even the foamy consistency of your every day soap is created by a chemical called sodium lauryl (ether) sulfate, which is absorbed by the skin and can be an irritant.  

This site is designed to provide information about natural skin care, Younique products, as well as tutorials and tips on our cosmetics. Take a moment to check out my product line of natural skin care at Skin Candy. Thank you for visiting!

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